Welcome to SeaFireGrill.com

SeaFireGrill.com was registered on December 19, 2005, more than 10 years ago.

The objective of our web site was to be associated to our business.

Any other businesses that have started after 2005, please do not accuse us of securing our domain name with the knowledge that you somehow existed, especially if you came in to business in 2011.  The registrant of the domain SeaFireGrill.com cannot know in 2005 that you will create a business in 2011 and thus, you cannot argue that the registrant is infringing on your rights that you started in 2011.

Please understand we do not tolerate wasting our time, unless you can provide proof that the registrant of our domain knew about your business that would start in 2011, nearly 6 years after the 2005 date.